Windy Valley

Revitalizing a legacy through modern website migration


"They did an amazing job on my new website! They exceeded my expectations for upgrading our website and migrating from WordPress to Shopify."

Samuel Mercado

The Challenge

Windy Valley is a family business that hadn’t updated their website since the 90s. Although they still ranked well for their keywords, the brand image could drastically use a more modern design. Furthermore, they wanted to migrate to a more modern website platform as well— Shopify. Part of LanternSol’s challenge was ensuring a beautiful website design, while also retaining all of their SEO brand equity with a website transfer.
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Custom Website Built

We walked through multi design layouts and revisions to get a modern look applied overtop the existing content and concept.
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SEO Preservation

After that, we created a 301 redirect mapping to preserve all of their SEO. As mentioned in the challenge, they had built up a significant amount of brand equity that was really important to conserve as far as their SEO goes.
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