A brand revamp full of color and joy


"We are so happy with our website redesign by LanternSol!!!! Beautiful craftsmanship and fantastic customer service, we truly appreciate their talents! We were able to add GIFS to our website and they made our products come to life by placing the GIFS in unique places throughout the website design. So awesome."

Colleen S. - Marketing Director

The Challenge

Kanna is a brand that specializes in cannabic products and experiences. They needed help redesigning the website for a remarkable IU/UX that highlighted the fun and professional experience customers could expect.
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Design With Purpose

We identified their unique dope points through in-depth interviews with the Kanna crew. In order to align with these, we embraced a fun approach that made the Kanna brand and site feel more friendly and joyful. In addition, the new brand voice positions Kanna as a technology-powered brand that doesn't lose sight of its cannabis knowledge and high expertise.
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From Scratch

We created a website from scratch that better aligned with Kanna's profile. We focused on bringing joy, dynamism, and a better user experience to bring in the feeling of being in a lounge.
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Critical Elements

Some of the critical elements for this site are movement and color. Not only are the backgrounds leading your navigation and giving you different visual experiences, but in every corner, you can find animated elements that add a layer of dynamism to the page and connect the joyful experience of the brand with even the simplest details.
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