A core-deep web redesign


"Jay and the LanternSol team were not only a pleasure to work with, but also knew exactly the messaging, placement, detail and conversion needed to add. Highly recommend! We took our existing site and leveled it up. They knew the exact tone to achieve and while he had major experience in fitness made sure it was specific also to ours."

Tyler K - Owner.

The Challenge

Equipt is a website specializing in making fitness products as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Their site was intended to sell a lifestyle rather than a product and to demonstrate that the elements that help you tone your body can also be part of your home decor.
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Custom Website Built

We designed a new layout from scratch, to help highlight some of the unique advantage points of the products and the great customer experience provided by the brand.
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Critical Elements

Some of the critical elements for this site are photos and color. Photography is the main element on this page, and all the design elements work around giving a friendly and calm experience with impactful images that connect you with a lifestyle instead of a product.
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Navigation And Aesthetic

Finally, we optimized the user's navigation by simplifying the menu and making the choices more accessible by integrating a more user-friendly way of navigating the page. We give each product a moment to shine and show how they can bring joy to the client's life.
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