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"Jay and the LanternSol team have delivered exactly what we hoped for in terms of a website refresh. They brought real Shopify technical expertise to the table, to enable us to do many things beyond what was possible in the basic block editing. Our website has now changed from feeling overall blocky and basic into feeling sharp, designed, and optimized for action. Very grateful for Jay's dedication to our project."

Craig T.

The Challenge

Farmshelf is on a mission to create smart indoor farms that enable the user to grow leafy greens, herbs, and more. They needed help redesigning the website and a successful custom app onboarding to communicate their message effectively and increase user retention.
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Custom Website Built

We implemented a complete revamp of the website to help highlight some of the unique advantage points of the product. We also developed a custom app onboarding to help capture a customized e-commerce experience.
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