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Enhancing profitable Google ROAs


"Working with LanternSol has been an absolute dream. They have increased our performance across the board, scaled our accounts while maintaining our desired ROAs, and honestly just do incredible work. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking PPC work or anything ecom related as their expertise and knowledge far exceeds PPC."

Max T. - Co-Founder

The Challenge

CoreMasters was seeing significant sales on Instagram/Facebook, but their Google ROAs were lacking and not profitable.
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136% Increase In Revenue

Through our optimizations and campaign expansion, we have managed to scale campaigns while improving ROAs, CTR, buy-to-detail ratio, and overall ad profitability.
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44% Increase In Conversion Rate

The account initial had many issues with ad targeting and structure. We were able to revamp the account strategy, while implementing best practices with focus on conversion optimization.
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