Tib Bar Guy

360° Brand Revamp, with $2.5M+ Revenue Generated

Logo REDESIGN + Website DEVELOPMENT + seo + ppc + email marketing

"Excellent, everything we requested they executed with perfection. Thanks to LanternSol's work, the new website loads much faster, and site visitors give excellent feedback, exceeding their expectations. They have a ton of experience in the fitness industry which was super helpful in building and growing the site."

David M. - Co-Founder

The Challenge

The TBG wanted to implement a 360° marketing strategy; their goal was to become a referent in the market with their innovative products. After we redesigned their Logo and Website, we took over their PPC Campaigns, Facebook Ads, and SEO, achieving that the brand ramped up its performance in a matter of weeks.
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Let's Start From The Beginning

We started with the remastering of their logo and website, to give it more strength and connection with what they wanted to communicate: strong, modern and flexible.
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Transforming SEO Success

After 6 months of working together, our partnership witnessed incredible growth and transformation in SEO performance. Organic keywords witnessed a notable increase of +66.57%, complemented by a 4.57% boost in referring domains, effectively reinforcing their website's authority and credibility. Furthermore, their backlink profile, as reported in Google Search Console, recorded an impressive +125.51% growth, vividly showcasing the expanding influence of TBG website.
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Surpassing Google ROAS Targets

Despite doubling our spending, we consistently hit and exceeded the monthly ROAS goal for the account (3.5x goal vs 4.54x all-time ROAS). In the initial 60 days, we achieved an astounding +390.59% increase in conversions and bolstered our conversion rate by an impressive +19.17%, driven by enhancements in traffic quality. This also led to a notable reduction in ad cost per click (-18.61%) due to improved Quality Scores. Our campaign's click-through rate (CTR) increased by +11.57%, and we gained a +7.32% share of voice increase in click share.
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