Rugs Done Right

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"I’m so impressed with LanternSol’s vast knowledge of all things Shopify, the professionalism and the irgency in which they’ve completed the work for us. We are eternally grateful for the dedication and hard work. True experts!"

Jamie Carney - CEO

The Challenge

Rugs Done Right challenge was wanting to grow organically to get better sales and revenue, to do it, a boost in their customer interaction with their website was necessary. It was needed to scale SEO marketing up, with a catalog of over a thousand products, the company was urging to rank better for relevant search terms.
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Increase Organic Sales

After reviewing the main search terms we wanted to rank for, LanternSol came up with a strategy to improve the onsite technical SEO and fortify their backlink profile to drive more traffic to the website and increase their organic revenue.
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Improve Organic Traffic

Combining strategies to shape the website as good as possible to improve their SEO and the way Google and customer interact with it: extensive keyword research, HTML header optimization, GSC troubleshoot, internal linking, off-page link building.
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End-To-End Goal Conversion For Clean Analytics

Without understanding your data, it's impossible to know what's really driving the results. We implemented end-to-end conversion tracking so we could better understand the various touch points customers experienced in their lifecycle, and honing in on which channels to double down on.
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