New York Casas

Maximizing leads with an organic revamp


"LanternSol is helping us with fine-tuning our website conversion process and funnel follow ups with our internet leads. I am very happy with their work so far, we increased conversions by 20% within the first 30-60 days"

Philip H -, CEO / Owner

The Challenge

NY Casas was receiving 40,000-50,000 visitors per month, yet converting less than 0.5% of those into contacts and qualified leads. We came in to help optimize their conversion rate & SEO.
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20% Increase In Conversion Rates

After analyzing their analytics for conversions and drop-off rates, we re-worked the UI/UX layouts to help streamline more contacts and sign-ups.
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Video And Content Production

We produced over 40+ videos in 8 different languages for NY Casas and helped them rank for top converting keywords in their niche.
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Multi-Language SEO Growth

We've helped grow their SEO in 8+ languages to help them rank over 600+ keywords on the front page of Google.
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