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"LanternSol has helped us move the needle with stats reported back of 150% growth in organic keywords, 10x in the Domain Rating and 38x increase in website backlinks. Look forward to continuing to work with this rockstar team!"

Gina Oh, Co-Founder - VP Operations

The Challenge

Get hai challenge was wanting to grow organically to get more traffic, better interaction with their website visitors, and finally increase their sales. Lastly, as they were starting to grow, they wanted to streamline their content creation strategies.
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Custom Made SEO Strategy

As part of the main goal, we were making sure hai could transmit its sustainability, water saving goals and personal selfcare rituals, while also setting up best practices for better Google rankings, conversion and improve customer loyalty.
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Organic KW In Top 100 Increased By 150%

LanternSol took over for their SEO. Implemented a combined approach to boost their on-page technical SEO, as well as shaping content creation and getting backlinks from new referring domains to rank more and better keywords in order to scale up their exposure to qualified leads.
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10X In Domain Rating

Domain Rating went from DR 0 to DR 10 within 3 months, this is a healthy indicator of improvement to rank better on search engines. Get hai's e-commerce website experienced in a short period of time a great upgrade and scaled up its competitiveness in their niche.
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