Innovative Science-Backed Value


"LanternSol did great work for us and communicated well throughout. They were able to accomplish the major tasks on our project with great success, resulting in a stable launch of a subscription capability with no hiccups on the user side. We’ve used them for other minor projects as well, and it’s been a great partnership. Looking forward to working with Jay and the folks there more in the future."

Stephen - COO

The Challenge

Zbiotics sells an innovative drink designed by PhD microbiologists to help break down the byproducts of alcohol that cause hangovers and morning sickness. Although they had a very unique and well-positioned product, the overall sales were lower due to the price points.
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Increase Average Order Value

We developed a subscription service to help maximize the LTV and AOV for all their sales. We worked with their design team to develop mockups consistent with the brand’s look and feel, and then developed the functionality inside of recharge subscription for continuous ongoing orders.
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